TW: Suicide
“It was a normal day until I got the news of my friend’s death. Over a call, a colleague mentioned a funeral. “Whose funeral?”, I asked. When he said the name, I felt the ground shift beneath me. I couldn’t stand up. After minutes of shock, I started crying. My friends who were around me asked me what had happened, with concern. I felt my throat dry as I tried to speak. I told them my friend had died of suicide over 10 days ago.

All of my memories with her flashed in my mind. We met on a trip when we were teenagers. She was full of energy and dreams. She spoke of travelling the world, writing a book, marrying her boyfriend, and all the crazy things that existed in the world. In just a few days of meeting, we’d become inseparable and promised to stay friends till we get old. She was the smartest, prettiest and the youngest in our group of friends from the trip. We kept in touch afterwards too. She said she was excited about college but I could also tell she didn’t want to go. A year later, I got a text from her that said, ‘Life is hard.’ I simply agreed with her.

Life went on. Soon I started to forget about her as I became more focused on my own life. I’d forgotten all the important things she had told me- about a man who had gotten her drunk and raped her when she was in school, about her family who didn’t treat her well. After all these years, she is no more and she didn’t leave a single reason to explain her passing.

Suicide is never the answer, yet some find it is the only thing left for them to do. Meanwhile all the people who knew them, including the ones who haven’t seen them for years, wonder what they could have done better to save them.”

On this Suicide prevention Day🎗let’s remember those lost souls & make a promise to try and save someone in every little way we can, and make mental health a priority.
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