“During my time, the clock tower area was all just forest and huts, nothing like the heart of the town it is today. I am overjoyed to see the development that is taking place, all thanks to the government. As a kid, I think I had the same plans as any other young Bhutanese – study hard and strive to serve my country as a civil servant. But like many, the circumstances in life led to things not working out as planned. That’s the beauty of life, its unpredictability.

I studied in Gelephu for a while before deciding to join the army. I did my training at Tenzinling. My duties mainly consisted of transmitting and receiving messages in signal centers along the lines of the country’s borders. Although the job wasn’t particularly tough, we were not paid as well as these days. During my breaks, I would visit my wife. We officially got married in the 90s. We have three children; the eldest takes care of me and my wife back home in Tsirang and the other two live and work in Thimphu. We actually came to Thimphu to visit our kids.

I’m not sure if I’ve had any moments of extreme happiness or sadness in life. I’m very satisfied with how things are and have no regrets. I’m almost 70 now, have three beautiful children, my wife, and my siblings. Thanks to the kindness of the government I have no health issues and no stress. I spent 28 years of my life serving my country and I’m very grateful for the life I’m living.

I believe the way to a good life is to never take the easy way out. At least that’s what I learned in 70 years.”

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