“My apa passed away in a car accident on the way to Chhukha to see his ill mother. He was a school principal in Tsirang and the only one who worked in our family. With him gone, we had to move out of the government quarter we lived in within a month. My brother was in class 6 and I, in class 9. Ama and brother both got depressed so I had to be the strong one. When we moved to Thimphu after I completed class 10, I tried to look for a part-time job. Even after numerous tries, I couldn’t find a single one. We were practically homeless for three years and switched living with our relatives and Ama’s friend. We were blessed that they were so kind to us on our hardest days. Finding a new school was also extremely tough but I finally found a seat in a school in Wangbama. With the help of one of apa’s friends, ama found a job at the Renew shelter home and they allowed us all to live there. I finished class 12 and did a few temporary jobs. It was tough, having never been trained for anything like this. And each time I remembered apa, I’d still break down in tears. Years had passed and we had seen a lot but it was still hard to accept he was no longer with us.

I struggled to get into a college with my marks after high school. Fortunately, I got to study on a kidu scholarship at a college in Paro. After college, I dedicated my time to a skills development program at RENEW. Around that time the Loden Foundation announced that there was an opportunity to put out a business proposal and that they would provide grants. So, I presented my proposal for a start-up business which got through. The business is inspired by my mother, for whom I am very grateful.

On the morning before my father left on the day he passed, he’d given me a lot of advice. It was almost as though he knew it was the last time we’d be together. After his passing, we took his belongings from his office and found a note in his diary. It was for me. Now I am working on my business, my mother still works with RENEW, my brother is in college and apa lives forever within our hearts.”


The note Loday later found in her father’s diary

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