“Back in the days, families of army personnels didn’t get very far in life. Our parents were mostly uneducated lots who had many children due to poor family planning. Apa wasn’t home much due to his duties while Ama had her own difficulties. So, as the eldest of 3 siblings, I was left with my aging grandparents. When it got too hard for them to look after me, my parents took me with them to Haa. At the army camp, most of the children lacked guidance & advice from parents. Living in close proximity, it was normal to partake in mischievous activities together. We’d form groups to steal apples & vegetables. Our teacher caught & punished us while trying to sell them at the Sabji Bazar. As children, we didn’t know what’s good or bad.

Despite all that, as we grew older, we saw the troubles our parents faced. We’d be very happy if we got Nu. 5 but even that was hard for them to give. Seeing that, I’d collect scrap & sell them for money. Once, it fetched me Nu. 500 which I gave to my parents. It made them very happy.

They wouldn’t emphasise much on studies. As time passed, I reached high school. There, I met a lot of different people. It was a stage in a student’s life where anything could happen. Based on the company around you, one could either become a better or worse person. At that time, Scouting was the best thing to happen to me. Even though my parents were busy with their own work, scouting guided me. We’d do many awareness programs in the nearby villages, & collect clothes, wash them & donate to the needy. The most fun time was when we went camping together. I mostly led all the programs in my school. Along with good values, it gave me the motivation to become a good person & stop engaging in bad things.

Although I couldn’t go to college, I could complete high school. Right now, I work in the adm section in a school at Punakha. These days parents are busy with their work & their children don’t receive much guidance and advice. Coming from that same place, if not for scouting, I wouldn’t be here. So, one mustn’t remain complacent saying that we lack the guidance but instead work towards our dreams. For we youth have our Druk Gyalpo to guide our ways.”

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