Lhapsum Tenzin and Jampel Zangpo

“Our dream of creating music began in high school. We explored studios to make it happen but financially it was difficult. Years later I bought a microphone. This was a small yet huge step in realizing our goal of helping others. We knew there were so many unexplored musicians who simply couldn’t afford their dreams. This encouraged us to start a studio. Initially, the idea was to offer the services for free but since we’d have to buy equipment and pay rent for the studio, it became impractical. We’d charge at least the bare minimum. As long as we could bring out hidden talents who lacked support, we didn’t mind the struggles.

The pandemic interfered in the operation of our studio, nevertheless, I’d say it is doing pretty well since we do get a lot of clients. One of our clients works part-time in a factory and at other times, makes music. This made us ask him why he spent a lot of money on a studio. He replied, ‘I need to convey my message.’ Music being a familiar medium, he believes it’d help him make an impact in society; Musicians use music as a way to comment on society and their lives.
Getting hold of the studio was like an adrenaline rush; Though it was small, it was another big start in our life.

Our studio is the push that people need to reach their dreams, and we try our best to make it happen. Our future plan is to expand and find more projects so that we’re stable enough to provide the services for free for underprivileged artists who have a huge potential. Musicians are hardly given the platform that they need. The same artists are repeatedly selected because of the exposure they have. We want to work on this system and create opportunities for all.

When given the right tool and space, our voice can be used in a powerful manner. Though we’re still new at it and our equipment may not be at par with those big studios, we’re determined to work our way through. Every project is a breakthrough for us and we’re ever ready to explore every genre in music. We are just here to show some love to those who need it.”

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