“I gave birth to my daughter at 19. I was just done with class 10 and working small jobs. I then enrolled for Continued Education and did well enough to get into college. However, I soon found out that I was pregnant again. My baby boy was 2 months old when I started college. I had to attend regular classes and perform like any other student. My friends would ask how I managed my studies and my kids but I really didn’t know either. I just kept on going until I graduated. I then came to Thimphu and got a good job.

6 years after my son was born, we welcomed our third child. It was at this point that my husband and I decided to leave our jobs and come to Australia to study. It was tough to start anew, especially since we had to leave our children behind. It got harder when we couldn’t find someone to take care of them back at home. Stressed and unable to do well in school, I was diagnosed with depression. And even though we decided not to have any more kids, I conceived my fourth child. Our baby girl was born in March 2019. Despite struggling with depression, I worked hard to bring the rest of our kids to us. Not only was I successful in this quest, I was also hired by an education consultancy in the process. I was happier once my kids were with me. 2020 was a difficult year, my course was tough to learn online and I also had to help my kids with their online learning. But everyday I woke up to the faces of my four wonderful children and knew we would make it through.

There are so many difficulties working mothers face. If I don’t cook, no one eats. But I believe women can tackle anything. I wake up early, get everything ready and go to work. My children are god’s gift to me and I cherish them. I tell my clients at the consultancy that having your kids with you can make a huge difference.
Every woman has the right to her own future. Some days might be more difficult than others but there are always going to be better days. I won my fight against depression and so many other obstacles. You can too, all you have to do is believe in yourself and never give up.”


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