TW: Abuse and violence
“I met a man on the bus one day. I was looking for a job at the time after completing high school. The man wanted my number. When I refused to give it to him, he went and got it from the ticket counter. This started a mad struggle of him convincing me to date him. One day he showed up at my azhang’s house and said he wanted to marry me. I finally agreed and moved in with him. I got a scholarship for college but when he said no, I kept looking for a job. I finally got one at the Bank of Bhutan. I sent my first salary to my parents. Soon, I was pregnant and started feeling the baby move inside of me. I was happy, but the man who had relentlessly pursued me was now a different person.

He’d regularly hit me. He’d even lied about having a job. He sat home all day, getting high. When he hit me even when I was pregnant, I called the police. They took him but he came back the next day and the abuse only got worse. My colleagues asked about the bruises. I didn’t say anything. One day as I returned home from work, he started beating me on the stairs. He grabbed me by my hair as I struggled not to fall and injure my baby. I screamed for help. I ran to my neighbor’s house and begged her to protect us. She shielded me. This provoked him further. He aimed a heavy chair at my head, furious. My neighbour’s husband came just in time to stop him from throwing the chair. The police took him away again. Luckily, my baby was safe. When my ama came from the village to take care of me, he threw tantrums and poured changkay over her head. The police took him away a 3rd time. This time, I’d had enough. I hid at my colleague’s house with ama.

I was depressed and didn’t take care of my health. I starved myself and didn’t take a single day of leave. I saved all my money for the baby. I even went to work on the day I went into labour. My baby was born premature. His legs were the size of my little finger and the doctors said he might not live. I felt broken. But we spent the next few days at the hospital and he started getting better. My colleagues raised some money and gave it to me. It was a big help in a time of dire need. Today, my son is a healthy young boy in class PP. And I’m supporting my family all by myself, through my job.”

Humans of Thimphu is celebrating the resilience of women and mothers with Bank of Bhutan. Women in our society often go through incidents of unseen abuse and violence, let us do better as a community to provide help and eliminate domestic violence.

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