“No rainbows appeared in the sky to welcome me on the day of my birth. I was just a normal baby born to a middle-class family in a remote part of Zhemgang. I nearly missed the opportunity to go to school but somehow, fortunately, got enrolled when I was about eight. Despite joining late, and having to travel two hours to school everyday, I loved and enjoyed everything there. Like most countryside kids, my ambitions were limited to becoming an engineer, a doctor or a teacher. I was convinced that I had to be one of these to have a proper life.

It was only around 2008, when His Majesty the fourth Druk Gyalpo had gifted our village a generator, that I learnt that there was a world beyond my village. The electricity was only enough for a small area and only to be operated during the night but the change it brought was significant. We now had television sets. It was the year I saw Bhutanese films for the first time and I instantly fell in love with them. My friends and I used to lie to our parents to go around watching movies by peeping through people’s windows. By the time we received permanent electricity in 2012, I had watched a good mix of movies this way. They captivated me and I wanted to contribute to the movie industry in our country. I was constantly told that only wealthy people got to work in the film industry, but no one could keep me from dreaming big. I decided that my only way in would be to write scripts.

I instantly started working on writing stories. I was quite creative and even began composing songs. In the quest of getting closer to the film industry, I went as far as Wangdiphodrang for High School. When my dreams were still on hold even after moving so far for it, I began losing hope and stopped writing until I reached college. This time, I had access to Facebook and started a page called ‘Leki Bumpa’s Desk’. I started it in hopes that someone from the film industry would see my stories and like them. I worked very hard on my stories and then posted them with consistency. The amount of love and support that I got from my readers was overwhelming. They sent me hundreds of comments and messages. People loved my work and followed my stories with so much excitement. This inspired me to keep writing one story after another. Despite being an engineering student and a leader in college, I tried to manage time to write. By 2020, my page had around 7000 followers and 15 complete stories. After many readers asked if I had plans of converting my stories into a script, I studied more on how to write movie scripts. I started working on them and have completed two scripts so far. I believe that my work has potential in the film industry because my stories have fresh elements that will add more to our movies. Nothing has happened yet for me or my scripts but I remain hopeful.

The youth of our country are increasingly following foreign films and losing interest in our own. I feel that our film industry needs to make a move to grab their attention, and who better to choose what they want to watch than themselves. I feel that there is a need to scout for talent among young people. Everyone needs a breakthrough to be able to contribute and I want to urge those in positions to help us out to put a little faith in the young, creative people of our nation and give us a chance. I want to make the younger generation fall in love with our movies, like how I fell in love with it.

To those of you working on your dreams, please keep striving for the best. Sometimes it can be difficult and feel like no one is looking out for you, but if you consistently work towards your dreams, I do believe that there will be a day when you realize them.”


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