“At the age of 10 I embarked on a journey from Mongar to continue my education. In my village, I’d heard about buildings taller than the eyes could see, vehicles large enough to carry 8 people, televisions with moving pictures and so much more. I was eager to see all of that. As I made my journey, the prospect of city life gave me immense joy. I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Chukha. They were very good to me. I would download video-editing apps on my aunt’s phone and make short video clips. I loved combining videos and adding music to it. My interest in videography was thus born.

College was a place of endless opportunity. I got in touch with people who were engaged in videography and started learning more. I learned things online such as directing, editing, and camera handling. Through all this, I was able to create 7 music videos and one seven-minute film. I wanted to try something different now and decided to make a movie. The problem was the laptop was all I owned and the rest of the equipment such as cameras or lights had to be borrowed. I shot during weekends and edited on weekdays. It was difficult to manage time as I had to attend classes. Borrowing equipment also led to shortage of quality shooting time. However, I had a very cooperative team and everything went well. We had a passionate actress. We were set for an emotional sequence where she was required to cry. To our surprise she literally broke into tears of her own and at that time even our camera man got shocked and forgot to take the shot. It is still a mystery why or how she was able to cry for real. We screened the movie in college and the response from the audience was beyond my expectations. Although the movie was not as good as a professional one, the support from everyone and being able to watch it on the silver screen had me overwhelmed.

I tried to balance time between videography and studies, but my grades did suffer a little. However, I have no regrets. Whenever I get time, I try to learn online, improve my skills and become better. I hope to be a part of the film industry one day. I will continue to work towards it.”


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