“Ever since the day my father brought home a Nikon camera in 2017, I became sure about the passion I’d had since I was 12 years of age. Today, people are already calling me the youngest filmmaker in Bhutan.

We feel happy when others trust us. When 4 of my school mates believed I could make a music video for them, I started believing in it too. I’d never done it before. Now, I’ve made 5 music videos and 2 documentaries; one on the religious site known as nabji korphu and another one on the annual tsechu in Trongsa. Right now I am working with Bhutan Chodrup, a platform for artists to showcase their talents and skills.

Sometimes, people believe that age is directly related to the experience or talent one has. Often people take my age as an excuse to deny any potential I might have. But talent grows from dedication and the perseverance of an individual regardless of other factors. Before, I used to take criticisms to heart and question my own abilities but now I know it’s an important part of getting better. Nothing is more important for growth than knowing our shortcomings and working on them. Additionally, I have my whole family’s support. It makes this journey so much easier.

I’d like to get into the film industry in the future, and potentially produce movies. I know that I can follow through with my ambitions so long as I don’t deviate from the path I have in my mind. As long as I keep on dedicating time and energy to the thing I call my passion. However, currently I am in 10th standard which means I am more focused on studies this year. But hopefully soon I will pick up my pace again.

Chasing dreams is never easy, more so when you are young. Here’s where you should stay strong and not be quick to undermine your own values under constant pressure. Keep pushing yourself, because in the end you are only building a life for yourself and not anybody else. Age shouldn’t be a restriction to any dream. Always be optimistic, and instead of waiting around for opportunities to come around, go seek them.”

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