“Being raised by a single mother in a middle class family was difficult, and new problems popped up every now and then. As the only child, the sole responsibility to take care of my mother fell on me. I am now 20 and have never known my father. If I ever ask about him, it may appear as if I expect something from him. So I am going to ask for him only when I have a job of my own and can stand on my own two feet.

Success always requires more of you than it does anyone else. The sacrifices I made, the sleepless nights, the late night thoughts, all helped gain admission to Gedu College of Business Studies. Nothing can compare to the happiness I felt on my birthday when RUB called me to inform me of my selection in GCBS, having secured the 195th rank.

Despite my biological father’s absence, my aunt’s husband was always present. Even on my ID card, his name is in my father’s spot. Although he has his own family, he treats me as his own and provides for me. To me, he is my father, and I am always grateful. My relatives help me out when I am in need despite having to feed their own families. Sometimes people of our own blood can be hesitant to help us, but I’m fortunate to have truly genuine family.

My mother is a farmer, so I frequently end up asking my relatives for help. They offer all the assistance they can, but I fear hostility as my requests become more frequent. My mother has hardly anything, so the guilt of asking her drives a hole in my heart. I often wonder, if I had a father like everyone else, would things be easier? The train of endless thoughts starts to consume me. But then again, there are those without both parents, and I cannot pull myself down when I still have a strong mother I can come home to and who sacrifices a lot for me. This thought keeps me grounded, and each day I strive to become a better son for my mother and a better person for myself. Every force in the world may try to pull you down, and sometimes the fall is hard, but the harder you pull on the catapult the further you will fly.”

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