“I grew up in a society where many people had the mindset that sports would get you nowhere in life. However despite the challenges I was lucky to have really supportive parents who saw my passion for sports and always pushed me forward. As a child I grew up loving football and even broke my arm once while playing football. When I was not selected for the national football team I was very disheartened. It was then that my coach recommended I play volley due to my tall physic. I guess I can say that my love for football lead me towards volleyball, a sport that has become a big part of my life today.

I was born in Ngalam and first came to Thimphu in 2010 when I was a participant for a volleyball competition. At that time I was a young student who was apprehensive and had no confidence in my skills and also lacked exposure. However my coach always motivated me and kept encouraging me.

I made it to the national team and now I am in the beach volleyball team as well. Life was tough for me to live in this city since I had to live an independent life with paren supporting me from home, but thanks to my good friends who helped me in every aspects of my troubles. My love and passion for volleyball even won me a full scholarship at RTC. In college I continued playing volleyball and never indulged myself in unhealthy habits.

All my hard work payed off when I represented my country on international level and held our flag among various other participants.

My parents are very proud of me and it’s their blessings that gives me the motivation to keep pursuing my passion despite the hardships that I face. I am somehow set as an example by other parents back home which keeps me even more motivated and determined.

Volleyball is yet to reach the same heights as football and our federation is fairly new. We don’t get a lot of sponsorship and funds making it difficult for us to sustain our lives. Despite being a national volleyball player I make ends meet fully on my own, my parents help me meet all my expenses from paying rent to pocket money although we belong to a middle class family.

This is the main reason why many other players have given up and chosen other paths to pursue. However I am positive that volleyball has a future in Bhutan and hope that whatever work is being put in right now helps ensure an easier life for the upcoming generation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my two friends Kinga and Gagan without whom my journey would have been impossible.”


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