“I grew up believing that only those who become doctors & engineers are successful in life. Hence, I worked hard to excel in my studies. Despite performing way better in arts subjects, I chose science in the 11th grade. My classmates were better than me in studies & I dropped biology after realizing that it was not my cup of tea. I tried my best to get into CST but with a score of 74% in my finals, I failed to get the admission call. Disappointed, my parents called me a failure. The regret of pursuing science and not following my heart threw me in a deep limbo.

I’d spent my whole life trying to fit in a box that others built for me. It was only about time that I’d feel lost & uncertain of what my passions and dreams were. Moreover, becoming an engineer or a doctor was never my dream. Throughout that time, I’d frequently speak with my sister, who was studying in India. She told me about her university & I decided to give it a shot at applying. After a Skype interview, on-the-spot essay writing, & an aptitude test, I waited for the results for months. After losing all expectations, I finally got the acceptance letter.

There, I experienced a culture shock; the educational system was completely different. Even the washrooms were labeled as “neutral,” whereas in Bhutan it was always gender specific. Despite being a liberal arts college, I’d the option to study science topics as well. I took Sociology and enjoyed it thoroughly. I took a minor in Visual Arts & started to enjoy painting. My enthusiasm didn’t end there. I pursued Media Studies &, learned video editing & production. Soon, I took up entrepreneurship classes as well. Now that I look back, I’ve become a person who really dislikes following the crowd. I stopped worrying about what might come in the future & started living in the moment.

Often, Arts and Commerce students are made to do most of the social work in schools, whereas the Science students are spared in consideration for their studies. The notion that one subject requires more studying than the others, is inculcated from the very beginning. We should really stop assuming that science students are the only smart kids.”



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