“I had problems with my leg since I was a kid and they completely stopped working at the age of 12. I didn’t go to school but I had a bit of traditional education. I stayed home to look after my sister’s kids. At the Goenpa, my grandfather would teach me Dzongkha and prayer recitation. After years of this rather mundane routine, I was introduced to the Bhutan Paralympic Committee and shooting. I’m not paid anything apart from the diet allowance but I’m grateful anyway. I live near my training area and don’t have to pay rent or bills. Everything is challenging for me because I lack the ability to move around. But I spend most of my time in training and exercise and I try to make the most of it. I train everyday along with my friends here. Before the pandemic, we had a chance to go outside but now it might be more difficult. Along with shooting, I’m planning to take a training course on tailoring for differently-abled people in a month’s time.
My father passed away a few years ago and my mother is a farmer. She comes to visit me once a year. It is tough for her to be alone and do so much manual work. I wish I could be of some help but the environment at home is not compatible with my condition. The facilities are not disability-friendly and I wouldn’t be able to do anything worthwhile. Regardless of her own difficulties, my mother is a big supporter of what I do. She tells me that this is how I’ll make a living and she is proud.
When I don’t exercise regularly, I have difficulty moving around. This gives me motivation to train regularly. Soon, we’ll have to move out of this housing facility and it might be slightly difficult to get around. However, no matter the consequences, it is most important to be sure of our abilities and give the best in whatever we do. If our intentions are good, things will work out.”


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