“With my mother’s help, I made a video thanking the Indian government for donating COVID-19 vaccination doses to our country. The video reached many people including the Indian ambassador. I was fortunate enough to meet the ambassador and she gave me a phone and a certificate of appreciation but what I liked the most about the whole experience was visiting the Indian embassy. Once I got there I didn’t want to leave. It was very big and nice. I even begged my mother if I could stay a little while longer and they let me stay at the embassy an extra thirty minutes.

I like wearing masks and washing my hands, but I didn’t like staying at home during the lockdowns. I prefer being in school learning interesting new things and playing basketball with my friends. My favorite class is science class because our science teacher is kind, she lets us color in class, gives us free periods when we ask, and teaches us important values.

For fun, I like to read books and draw pictures of beautiful princesses. My favorite book is called Baba Yaga: the Flying Witch. It’s about an evil witch that forces a little girl to clean her hut and if she doesn’t obey, the witch will burn her house down and eat the little girl. I also like to sing and my favorite song is ice cream by Blackpink.

Although I like acting and making videos, I want to become a police officer when I grow up so that I can help people.

I want to wish His Majesty the fourth King a very Happy Birthday and also, wish everyone a Happy Children’s day.”

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