“Besides photography and traveling, food is my passion. I grew up in Gelephu and attended nursery in India. Despite the challenges i faced, I still run a restaurant. After high school, I pursued a food course in Bangkok, facing homesickness along the way. After graduation, I worked in reputable companies before venturing into the restaurant business in Thimphu. Unfortunately, my first attempt failed, leading to bankruptcy. Undeterred, I returned to Mongar and started another restaurant, but it’s also facing challenges.
Though my childhood dream was to become a doctor, my curiosity for cooking sparked while watching videos. The artistry of a Korean chef playing with colors and textures fascinated me. Despite struggles in my culinary journey, my greatest support comes from my mom, who stood by me through failures. My happiest moments are spent with my mom and grandma, who also taught me a lot about Bhutanese foods. While my dreams haven’t fully materialized, I find joy in my current life. Being in the restaurant business is not really rewarding but when I see the happiness on my clients’ faces, it fills my heart.”


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