“When my mother passed away, I had to do something to distract myself from the grief & volunteer activities were the right choice. This was a life-changing moment. I dedicate the merit earned to her. After graduation, I interned at Clean Bhutan. I was an active worker, so they hired me as the volunteer manager. My work is to find volunteers while organizing campaigns. Initially I asked friends to join, then I started a group on wechat for volunteers. It now has about 400 members, most of them are youths.

I began as a volunteer & I believe this inspired me to do what I do now. What keeps me going is the happiness I get from the help we are able to give. The crowd in religious ceremonies that last for days can get out of hand. So when the ceremonies come to an end without any problem, the satisfaction can’t be measured. Instead of feeling tired, I’m powered to do more. When the youth agree to do the work, even without payment, I feel hopeful of our future. It not only helps keep them away from harmful activities but engages them productively. Till now, more than 1000 youths have volunteered.

As women, some men don’t take us seriously. We have to do the work & simultaneously ignore those who underestimate us. Covid has stopped any kind of social engagements & this has hampered our progress. The thing about volunteer work is that it often goes unnoticed & thus all our hard work is underappreciated. This, however, doesn’t stop us from doing our work. The number of volunteers may fall once covid protocols are eased & everything is back to normal, as many have now joined the Dessung.

Many youths are left jobless after graduating thus I am proud that I was able to guide them. They worked with me & I believe it’s the merit they earned for themselves that I now see them doing well in life. My future aspiration is to form a group of youths that do something instead of just combing aimlessly through the city streets. I want to instill in them a sense of responsibility and show them the value of labor dignity.”

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