“I am just 19 years old but I often end up in bars trying to discuss life with long haired, tattooed up and beer bellied men. If you take time out to know people, it’s crazy how amazing their minds are, so I spend most of my days listening to them.

At a very young age, earlier than the average age where a person goes through emotional, physical and environmental transitions, I experienced the wild and its repercussions. So it was only right that I grew up faster than the rest. That led me to see things clearer sooner, like a fog lifting up after heavy rainfall.

For the past four years, I’ve done several internships and different kinds of jobs while coping academically as well. I’ve also taken keen interest in poetry, art and music. A lot of teenagers like me get distressed knowing they have no fixed goals or purposes in life, because the first thing our teachers asked us during introductions was ‘what is your ambition?’ But I’ve learned that the time right now is to explore and experience, not figure out the whole meaning of your life.

There’s a lot of things to unlearn and learn, but most of us do not even try. I say; lick everything, take every opportunity life offers you, you can’t cry in the dark when you don’t even try to open the curtains. But even after I say all of these things, I still break like every other person, I still take antidepressants to calm myself. What I’m trying to say is, no amount of self-help books or calculated risks will stop you from reaching the edge, that’s part and parcel of life. But (here, I’m contradicting my favorite author’s philosophy of ‘don’t try’), try. There’s no other way of finding it out.”

Photo: Pranit Katwal


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