“My parents are farmers and money was tough to come by. My parents did the best they could, encouraging me to study hard, but my brothers and sister took care of all the expenses. The youngest of my 3 brothers and I went to the same school and college. He was a year senior to me and always guided and took care of me. As the youngest, I got all the love and care in the family.

I completed my education till 12 from Lhuntse. I enrolled in scouts in class 4 and have been associated with scouts ever since. I have always looked up to our king and as he is a patron of scouts, I was motivated to become one. Additionally, during my school days scouting was just starting and very popular in the community. Scouting gives positive energy and provides us with essential life skills. As a scout, my biggest win was meeting various people and learning different things from them. When I was in middle school I participated in a lot of exchange programs. After class 12, scouts get the opportunity to undergo leadership training. Our school was given two slots – one male and one female. I really wanted to get into the training but was short of 0.5 points. It was a disheartening experience.

But I continued and took my passion to college. When I was a freshman in college, I got to attend messengers of peace workshop at Tsirang. It is a World Scout Committee initiative designed to promote and recognize service projects that contribute to world peace. It was something new and we were the first from Bhutan to attend the workshop. We then took what we learned and started sharing it back in college. It was a motivation for the scouts to render their services to the community. I was able to attend dzongkhag level meetings and share the knowledge with my friends in college.

I didn’t really have any dreams when I was younger. I took any challenge that came my way and embraced it. In college, I developed an interest in teaching and now my dream is to become an educator. For now, I’m preparing for the RCSE.”

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