“6 years ago, I just completed my high school and was working in a bookstore (for few months) and later I got married. I became a mother by the age of 19.
Relationship didn’t work out much with my husband as he gave less importance to me over his family and I harbored a dream to pursue higher Education. I was convinced by then that it can never happen and hence I couldn’t go for my further studies. I accepted the fate at hand and shortly after, had a baby. Then everything changed.
My husband didn’t agree to me pursuing my dreams and I had to stay back home for almost a year and half; I had an issue with him. There was no support from him as well as his family. Though my parents and family agreed and supported my decision, they didn’t help me enough to pursue my dream. After that 1 and half year, I divorced him and decided to go for my further studies. I did my diploma in Hospitality from Singapore for six months and there, I was interning at a hotel at the front desk. After reaching back to Bhutan, I got employed the very next day at Taj Tashi at Sales and Marketing Department.
Recently by March, I resigned and stayed home for few months. Now I work as a Manager at Grey Area Cafe. My daughter lives with my parents and she’s more attached towards them than me. I remarried with an amazing person and has been almost 3 yrs now and he is one kind and a supporting human being in my life for me, my daughter and my family.
There are many teenagers (girls & boys) staying back home, losing faith and hope, and unable to voice out their dreams and aspirations. I’d like to say that it is not the end. If you have the courage, enthusiasm and faith, you can totally come out and find a way and do everything you want in life.”


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