Karma Tshewang

“Dance was gaining popularity among youth like us when I was in middle school; I learned it mostly through the internet and decided to form a crew with my friends. We named it WNC (Waki Nation Crew). We got to perform at various shows. Initially, we found support as well as criticism. Taking it as an opportunity to get better, we practiced even harder.

Our crew even joined the Camp Raven to learn dancing and while performing for an event, Her Highness Azhi Namzay appreciated our performance and sponsored us through all our competitions. We felt blessed and motivated by the support. Azhi was always concerned about our studies too. After the board exam when I couldn’t qualify for a government scholarship, Azhi also sponsored me through private school; Even to this day, I’m grateful to Azhi.

After high school, I got to teach dance at Druk school. Through this exposure, I got ideas for my future. Soon, I left for the Middle East. After 6 months of working, I began to ask if this was what I wanted to do; When I got the answer, I returned home. But after 6 years of being together, WNC split up in 2020. I felt mostly lost since we were like a family. I contacted a member who had joined Druk Magpoen. His group welcomed me and I found a community again.

I always dreamed of opening a dance studio but also knew it’d be the hardest thing. Thankfully, I met Kinley who knew a lot about running a business. Together, we started planning. We needed a huge budget and I desperately tried in vain to look for investors. At last, I reluctantly shared my plans with Apa with the hopes of getting his support. He hesitated, not able to understand the business logic. After explaining everything and assuring him that this was my dream all this time, he agreed to sponsor the whole project.

I will be opening my studio soon. Looking back at how far I’ve come to realize my dream, nothing would have been possible without the support of many people. I am forever grateful to them. In the words of Elon Musk, you can grind for 4 years with no results and in the 5th year, you may become the biggest thing on the planet. The power of never giving up is real.”

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