“Ever since an accident at age 9, I was left with monocular vision. That morning, I went outside to wash my face near a tap. Moments later, I heard a sound behind me. My reflex was too late for a large rooster that jumped at me & started pecking at my left eye. My vision blurred & blood gushed out of my eye. I could taste it in my mouth too. Sharp pain instantly sent me into a fit of screaming & crying.

When I regained consciousness, faces with grave concern surrounded me. This got me even more anxious. Something was wrong, I could not see clearly through my left eye. I was facing a reality I was not familiar with & it scared me. I saw tears in my father’s eyes.

The next morning, we headed to Reserboo hospital, a day’s journey away. My father carried me on his back & my sister made a torch out of dried bamboo. When he was exhausted, she offered to carry me. We made the tiring journey & crossed rivers under the scorching sun before finally reaching the hospital. In the emergency ward, the skin above my eye was stitched & the doctor held up a paper & asked me to read the letters on it. I could see perfectly well from my right eye but from my left, it was blurry. At that moment, I felt like my world had come to an end.

After 9 days, I was sent to Mongar Referral Hospital. There was very little hope of living a normal life after the surgery. My father sat outside the operation theater & folded his hands in prayer. My mother arrived soon after. When my bandages were removed, I could feel my heart waiting for what was to come. My vision from my left eye was completely gone. I screamed so loud everyone in the building could hear it. I began to lose touch with myself & my surroundings. It was hopeless.

Without my parents & family, I would not have made it in life. Currently, I’m in my final year at CST pursuing Electrical Engineering. I wear shades & sit at the front as it is hard to see for me. There are challenges but I don’t yield to that easily. I work hard just to prove that despite my shortcomings, I can achieve just like others. Life is hard & it will knock you down but we should learn to get back up each time.”

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