Karma Giant

“I’m 6 ft tall and weigh 140 kgs and am known as ‘Giant Karma’. I have been interested in our traditional dances – boedra and zhungdra since primary school. The community knew me through my dancing as I’d always perform at school events. I developed an added passion for singing when I reached middle school. I started singing for my friends and teachers, all of whom loved it. At the end of that year, I auditioned for a national-level singing competition ‘Kalapingka’. I couldn’t get through the national auditions. But I simply believed in my passion and kept going.

I joined Rangjung central school in 2019. My parents had divorced and it was a really hard time. Maybe it was Tshay Nguen gi lay. But I didn’t let it affect my studies or passion. I participated in ‘The voice of Rangjung’ and won first place. After that, the school gave me lots of opportunities and I got to sing at every school event. That’s where I gained my confidence. I’m forever grateful to my friends and teachers at Rangjung.

After class 10 board exams, I went home for my vacation. My sister had a youtube channel and she encouraged me to share my art online. I made my Facebook page ‘Karma Entertains’ and posted a video of me doing a boedra dance. I then posted videos of cover songs and mimicry. The reactions I got were great. I got to meet people who appreciated my work.

I couldn’t post for the whole school year as I was in a boarding school. I’m currently on break and have been exploring the Instagram world. I noticed that many Bhutanese artists use Instagram. When I cover songs, I tag the original singer. I get negative comments about this but I know I don’t do it for the wrong reasons. Some of these artists really support me. They also give me the platform to know more people. I’ve had a few Bhutanese living abroad who offered to sponsor my recordings. I’m going to record a song right after the lockdown lifts. I’m nervous but excited because I’ve always wanted this.

It is trust, belief in ourselves, and passion that takes us far in life. I am not saying I have achieved greatness but in my own way, I have come a long way from where I was before.” #HumansofThimphu #HumanStories #Thimphu


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