“When I was a teenager, I used to take pride in calling myself spiritual and not religious. I am the founder of Jangsem Monday and before that I used to work for BBS and I was part of the team in Chubachu when it turned 24/7. Besides that, I write and am a practicing Buddhist.

After my first attempt in a college in India, I dropped out. Maybe I was homesick as some people call it or maybe I was in that juncture of my life where I had to find myself.

I went to a retreat center in Dagana soon after and did my Nyendro practice. I spent a year in the retreat center and two years in Rinchenling Sheydra teaching English to monks. During my time in these places, one of the few things I realized was that I could confidently call myself religious but in the broadest sense of the word.

After my return, my mother insisted I go back to college because I was still very young and had my whole life ahead of me. That is where I met my wife. We were college sweethearts and now here we are with two beautiful daughters.

I make it a point to highlight my first attempt in college because many of us go through a lot in college trying to find yourself in this stage of life. My advice is that it’s fine to leave and come back if that is what you need to explore and find yourself. College is very important but I know a few people that didn’t go to college and doing fine in life right now.

I tried to be a vegetarian during my first attempt in college and I went about it in a very unintelligent way. It was purely passion driven owing to my religious fervor and almost to a fanatical level. I completely stopped eating meat and stopped eating vegetables at some point too because in my paranoid mind, the fact that people were using chemical fertilizers and pesticides was bothering me. It got to a point where I was just taking flour. The human mind is so dangerous in its brilliant potency that I thought I couldn’t take this flour as well.

When I came back, I started eating meat again for my health. I was called for a panel discussion called “Buddhism and Vegetarianism”. Almost everything inspired me to start Jangsem Monday but this was the seed of Jangsem Monday. I was blown during that panel discussion because I think it rekindled what I had started in an ignorant way in college.

Once I became a father, I took a responsibility that no one put on my shoulder and that’s how Jangsem Monday came about that made me feel like my old self but smarter. The reasons behind it are almost selfish because I’m looking out for my daughters.

I am a vegetarian and I do Jangsem Monday because I want to leave a better planet for my daughters and for everyone.”


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