“While playing with my younger sister, her elbow accidentally hit on my breast. A lump started appearing at that spot. I started getting worried and went to the Reserboo hospital. I was told to get surgery soon. But my board exams were nearing and I wanted to finish that first. I took Ibuprofen for the pain and did my exams. When they ended, my elder sister and I went to the Mongar Hospital and within hours of diagnosis, I was on the surgery table. My sister had high blood pressure and the added fear gave her migraines. After 3 days, I was discharged and sent home. By then, the training for Desung was announced. I had already made up my mind and asked help from a teacher to register for me.

When I was told that I got selected, I immediately went to the hospital and got the dressings removed. It scared me when the doctor told me not to do any heavy work. Days passed by and I got more anxious. When the day for moving arrived, both my parents were out of the village. Ama had refused to let me go and Apa had cried, fearing for my health. But my sister had talked with them, emphasizing how our country and His Majesty need Dessups. The next day, I left for Trashigang. I had done no shopping and it was all in a rush. This was also my first time traveling out of my village alone. I found a friend and together, we traveled to Wangdue the next day.

In the training, we were asked to inform the instructors of any health issues. Although my medical certificate was clean, I raised my hand and told them about the surgery two weeks ago. Hearing it, I was not allowed to do sit-ups in my morning jogging and this helped me a lot. The first week of training was really hard, especially having to wake up at 4 am. The cold wind of Wangdue started to aggravate the pain in my chest but being among friends and in fun, I hardly felt it.

At 19, I was also the youngest trainee in the batch. Everyone teased me for being small and also took care of me. During the departure, I could not hold back my tears. The instructors hugged me and told my colleagues on the bus to take care of me. After a week’s rest, I joined for my duty in Lungtenzampa school.”

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