“A girl from Tsenkharla in Trashiyangtse, I was always more focused on sports. I liked running and playing basketball but eventually placed my focus on archery. I wasn’t very good at studies so I didn’t pay much attention to it but I worked hard for Archery. When I tried to join the Archery team, they needed qualifications so I had to join a continued education program at Thimphu. I’ve been playing archery for over thirteen years now. My father, who was an archer, is one source of my inspiration. But it was my sister who encouraged me to take archery as a career. I joined the 2016 Olympics in Brazil through a wildcard entry. To be in the spotlight, in front of thousands of people, representing my country was a great experience. I was scared that I’d make a mistake but thrilled to be there. Even if we didn’t win, it was a dream come true. I took part in the world championship to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. However, everything was new to me. The coach, the gear and the methods of training. And although I performed well, I missed getting qualified by 2 points. But I got into the top 4 in the world bronze rank.

Playing sports was always the purpose of my life. I knew this ever since I was a kid, I just didn’t have the required plans to realise it. Now, I dream of bringing home a gold medal someday. It has been challenging especially because I’m a woman and I felt like I had physical limitations. My age is catching up and taking its toll on my abilities but I will just have to work through it. I realise that things cannot happen unless we work on it. Everything we achieve is based on how much work we put in. I hope that more women take up interest in sports, especially if they love the game like I do.”


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