“Private school fees were way less back then but problems at home forced me to give up my education. I took up VTI vocational training & landed a job at a private firm. Later, I did some import business & sold garments. It was during one of my business trips to Nepal when I came to know about a cancer hospital. Their patients were treated with only honey, & no modern treatments. This inspired me to start beekeeping. The Dasho Dzongrab of Chhukha also pushed me to pursue this business.

So, I attended an entrepreneurship program before embarking on this new journey. When I started, I could only do it on a tiny scale. However, I’ve been able to ship my honey all the way to the U.S. & Australia. This was made possible by my relatives who lived there. The shipping charges proved to be a huge challenge. But thanks to a courier service in India, it has all been manageable so far. But the trouble doesn’t stop there. Shipping to far flung places puts you in deep worries for weeks. The losses are huge if products don’t reach the customers. Some people are also skeptical about the quality of the honey. But on the bright side, I’ve been earning a decent living from my bees. Knowing that they help in the pollination process & in turn with the natural food production, makes me proud to do my part for humanity.

I was scared of the bees at first, & when I got my first box of them, I managed to scoop them in my hand for 5 minutes. With time, we get used to them. I love my bees. They are mostly gentle though some can be aggressive. There are two types of honey; the normal & the stingless bee honey. The latter is the mother medicine whose market price is quite high. I’m hoping to start a bee farming centre in my village that would bring more profit. Moreover, I’m hoping to open a shop in P/ling. Right now, my place is under lockdown, but I’m eager to get back to work.

Women in self-made businesses often face contempt, but luckily It was an exception in my case. This made me believe that we can achieve things in life just as good as other genders. I believe that working hard only begets fruitful endings.”

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