Jigme Thukten Singye

“At Buli Primary School, there were no modern facilities; the infrastructure was poor but we had chalk, duster and blackboard captains. I was always keen and volunteered to be a captain. I felt I had good leadership qualities and my zodiac sign also read the same. All through my school years, I took various leadership roles hoping to bring impact to my community. In 4th grade, my mother asked why I was helping to maintain the class log book when it wasn’t even my responsibility; Reflecting on it, it was my instinct to lead that drove me to take those initiatives.

When asked about our ambitions, everyone replied, ‘Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, contractors…’ I said, ‘The Prime Minister’. I don’t remember the class’s reaction, but there on, all I wanted was to gain the confidence and potential to be a Prime minister one day. To me, leadership is a skill gained through experience. At college, I saw people trying to enjoy their life but my fun was in serving the communities.

Initially, I had planned to study outside Bhutan for college but I had to opt for RTC. Even before joining the campus, I had set my mind on becoming a first-year representative and a Resident Assistant (RA). When the contest was finally held, I was appointed as an RA and the student president. To others, it looked abrupt, but to me, it was a long plan. Through experience, I saw that youth feared the risk of taking leadership roles for all kinds of reasons. But to me, it is an opportunity we must chase to redefine ourselves.

As a leader, I could use my time efficiently and build good relationships. I was not the one to misuse any funding and serving the college and students with dedication was my only goal. At the moment, besides being a college student president, I’m also the chairperson of the G17 University ambassadors consortium and a board member of a youth empowerment organization. Though hectic, I’m learning a lot to aid in both my personal and professional developments.”

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