“My parents get mad when I don’t leave the house for days. I’m 22 and I still play video games like a kid. Except that I make some money out of it. I’m a college student in India, and I’m interested in singing and drawing. Esports is increasingly trending nowadays among young people. With PUBG gaining popularity in Bhutan, I too started playing the addictive game. I started recording my games too and uploading them on YouTube. I now have a Facebook page with a significant following. I also live stream my games. As I became better and better at it, I gained more supporters which allowed me to earn. I am known as God JP in the gaming world.

It is true that there are many disadvantages of being addicted to gaming. Young children may develop violent behaviour, or become introverted and lack social skills and develop poor personality traits. We often lose interest in anything else. It may lead to lack of proper rest, poor eyesight and insomnia. However, with proper cautions, one can develop proper coordination, quick judgement, and problem-solving skills which are essential skills in life. Some of the things that I noticed in myself after gaming. Playing intense games has also improved my attention span and concentration. Albeit what people say, it has even helped me with communication skills as I communicate with people all around the world through gaming. It is inspiring to see oneself grow in a field, be it gaming or anything else. A few months ago, I gave my best to reach the highest rank. It was very close to my exams but I still got good grades, and I also got the rank.

It is not impossible, all we have to do is be mindful and keep working. It is obviously difficult to get the support from our families and the larger community when it comes to something like gaming but some do make a living out of gaming. All I hope is for support and when I get a job, a gaming room of my own where I can continue with my streaming.”


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