“I started playing football when I was 11. I started playing it for fun and eventually landed up loving this amazing game. I first played for my class team during the Class tournament and got selected for the school team during the School level tournament. There was an announcement made by the football federation where they were calling for selection for interested players. Me and my friends decided to give it a try and we travelled to Gelephu and I got selected for the Bhutan National Football Team Under-14 Women’s Team in the year 2015 and 2016. I currently play for Mandala Fc in the BFF Women’s League.

I was the second youngest player to play for the National team for AFC U-14 Girls Regional Championship in the year 2015.The tournament concluded and we were planning to go for outing the next day. We planned to gather at 12 at the hotel. Me and my team were the first to get there and suddenly we felt a tremor. We didn’t know that it was an earthquake and at the same time a scooter fell down. We thought it was because of the scooter but it was not. Everything was shaking no sooner than we knew it was an earthquake than we started panicking and went here and there. Everyone gathered near the hotel but two of them were missing but with the help of police we could find them safe and sound. We were very scared and brought all our stuff and beddings outside and slept outside that night. The very next morning we came back to Bhutan through flight and right after we took off, they closed all the airports.

Women Football is growing in Bhutan and I’m very happy about that. It really depends on how one does extremely well but this year has been a rough year with the COVID-19 situation which resulted in the tournament getting postponed but it will be happening soon and I’m looking forward to it.”


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