“For over 10 years, I’ve been living in Canada. Coming here as a college student, I was really homesick and found it hard to cope with the culture shock. For 6 months, I’d cry every night, missing my family and friends. I cursed myself for leaving home. I realized there were so many things I took for granted when I was with my family. Even simple tasks like banking were daunting as I hadn’t done it before. I was charged a few hundred dollars for the banking fee alone as I wasn’t aware student accounts only had a limited number of free transactions and I’d exceeded that limit.

Things got better in my 2nd year when I decided to overcome my shyness and step outside my comfort zone and make new friends. A small shift in my attitude made a big difference in my life and by the time I graduated I was able to do well in my studies and make some amazing friends from all over the world.

After graduation, I moved to a bigger city for better job opportunities but it also came with bigger challenges. Eventually, I landed a job at a bank and I worked hard for the next five years to achieve my dream job as a project manager.

I’m in a good place now but my thoughts constantly turn towards my family back home. Part of me feels I should go back to my family and do something for my country. Another part wants to explore more and chase my dreams. I also worry I might experience some reverse culture shock when I return. Many of my international student friends, I feel, are also going through the same dilemma, torn between two worlds.

With this pandemic, I decided to take things easy and live one day at a time. In order to keep busy, I started a youtube channel which had always been on my mind. In the years since I left home, I met many people who haven’t even heard about Bhutan. I thought why not combine my love of documentaries and for my country; that’s when I decided to make educational content on Bhutan. In the beginning, some of my friends and family members couldn’t come around with the idea of me becoming a YouTuber and I’d hope they will eventually be happy for me. When you are in a world much different from the one you used to know, give it time, explore and you will eventually be able to adapt.”


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