“As a young girl, she probably deserved to stay in the comfort of her home. But my daughter went to a far away land of opportunity for high school. It was not her first time away from home but a mother’s heart still worries. I worried about how she’d cope with the stark differences in culture and people, especially since she was an introvert and took time to communicate even with friends and family. But over 6 long years in the US, she has built up so much confidence. She has developed strong opinions on issues and has learnt to respect others’ views at the same time. After high school, she joined a nursing college in Arizona. It was while volunteering at a women’s old age home that she decided to study to become a nurse. And now she tells me that after a few years of contribution to our own community here, she wants to study to take care of the elderly. She holds a strong sense of compassion, and her talent and hard work helps her. When she graduated a semester earlier than she would’ve, I was beyond proud of all the work that she’d put in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend her graduation ceremony. So I parceled her a kira set that we’d bought for her graduation. I dressed up for her back at home and tried to make up for my absence.

Once during her practice, she had to handle a dying patient. And I was told that she did it with such grace! My daughter who was once so shy, has made more of herself than I even thought her capable of. As a frontliner during a pandemic in one of the most affected places in the world, we were worried about her all the time. But she is safe and healthy. Now it is time for her to return home, and give back to our country. We want to make up for lost time, enjoy our beautiful country with our daughter, and show her the nooks and corners that she’s missed. Being away from home has given her so much, but we cannot wait to have her back in our arms.”


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