“I refused to continue school after third grade. I left home since I wasn’t on good terms with my father. He was uptight & strict whereas I wanted to live freely. When I reached Phuentsholing, I came across a Dasho who asked me if I was in need of a job. I said yes. The next day, I was given a letter. I started serving tea, water, & cleaned the office. I was paid Nu. 2500 a month which was a lot at that time. I worked diligently for 2 years after which I got a promotion. There were both Indians & Bhutanese working there.

My salary rose to Nu. 10,000 over the next 12 years, till I resigned in my early 30’s. Then, I hired a vehicle & started supplying bricks and cement. From what I earned, some were paid for the vehicle & rest became my profit. That’s when I met my wife with whom we built a house & opened a shop. We had 2 daughters together. Our marriage failed & we separated. I have never felt embarrassed with any type of work. By the time I’d met my next wife, I was selling apples & I did it for 5 years.

I started selling juma & low from a bucket on a cartwheel. Some restaurants bought it and they really liked it. I earned 2500 that day & I started living a better life but I didn’t stop there. I even acted in a few movies & kept selling food on wheels. With the money I made, I went to Dorji Dhen and Varanasi & it encouraged me to stop selling non veg. BBS 2 aired my story as ‘Hot and Delicious’ & people started calling me that. Until then, I never thought of having a name for my movable shop. I often get questioned about hygiene, & I say I can swear my life with cleanliness.

We shouldn’t just aspire for jobs with revolving chairs. All jobs are equal in dignity as long as they help you put food on the table. There is no shame in doing any kind of job.”

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