“As a child, my future aspirations were many and inconsistent. I dreamed about becoming a pilot, sometimes a doctor, and even an actor. But as high school came about, my dreams became limited.

Thimphu got me interested in Esports gaming. I became a gaming enthusiast, playing every game there is, starting from the Clash of Clans to PUBG and Mobile Legend. College introduced me to several gaming pages and online streaming. ESports was rapidly gaining popularity in Bhutan. So I created my own platform. One first needs an audience for views. Then one needs the right equipment for streaming and the time to do so. Cyber attacks are also very rampant. I once lost my gaming page and my ID to scammers and retrieving it was not easy.

Then my gaming page was hacked. It was linked with my personal account so when I lost my personal account, all my gaming data was lost. Someone had taken over the page as their own and changed the name as well. They’d made the page into a business page for a sunglasses shop. I found the person and confronted them but it didn’t do me any good. What I learned from this was to never link two accounts. Data and information can easily be hacked and stolen. We must take the necessary steps to safeguard our data. It’s important to secure our login data and passwords.

To do well in the e-sport gaming world, one needs to be constantly streaming and be updated with the latest international gaming community. Viewers need to be kept engaged without fail. The gaming community here isn’t very big – another major problem for esport gamers. Intensive screen time can also be harmful. The fact that I have a migraine problem doesn’t help in this case.

I only wanted to create an impact on the gaming community with my knowledge and passion. But in the midst of it, I forgot to keep track of the security for my work. I couldn’t create another page and continue as I was preparing for PE. Now that I didn’t get through PE and have been unable to retrieve my lost work, I decided to do something worthwhile with the time I had. I joined Dessung and started training.”

Humans of Thimphu with Bhutan CIRT and Department of Information Technology & Telecom, Royal Government of Bhutan in this CyberSecurity week call for actions to ensure safety in the cyber world.

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