“I was in the army for 7 years but left due to personal obligations. On the same day my angay and aku both passed away.  My salary was Nu. 800. I sought kidu when I left for my village, they gave me around 8000. It was a good amount at the time and I could make it work for a while. As the tension of unemployment grew, I started looking for work. I would cut wood, do carpentry and work at construction sites. This was how 8 years of my life went by. I even farmed for 2 years with my wife at her village. I’d gotten married to her after leaving the army. With the death of my angay and aku and having to leave my job, I craved companionship. In the years to come we had 3 children who are growing up to be responsible kids, taking care of us when we need them. 


Some days, I wish I’d stayed in the army. For the past year, I’ve been working as a security guard. Farming once brought me joy, but the business of selling the produce was difficult and expensive. After working hard days in the fields, we have to look for transport and rent a space to sell. Compared to that, my current job is easy. There’s a kitchen here for me to cook, I get a good salary, and I can take leave as long as I can find a replacement. The only downside is that I can’t see my wife every day. We take turns visiting each other but life does get in the way. I am responsible for the security here so sometimes I am worried. There are instances when people get mad when I don’t let them in at odd hours for security reasons. But I’m only trying to do my job. 


I have tried my hand at many jobs, and it has been a life of adventure. My days are pleasantly uneventful now and I spend my nights praying. I’m grateful for what I have. Kids these days have endless opportunities and privileges. When I was younger, we hardly got to eat rice for even one meal. We had to make do with flour and Dengo almost everyday. It is only after years of working that I can afford to buy food and eat rice for every meal. So although it may sound like a middle-aged man whining, I hope that everyone remembers to value the little things that they have.”


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