“I broke my arm one time and the funny thing is that this was the event that led me into the music field- a boy with a broken arm wanted to play the guitar. Upon my request, my parents bought me a guitar. There were hardly any proper music schools back then. Fortunately, my neighbour Ratna helped tune my guitar and also taught me a few chords. With no internet access or a music teacher, I had to learn on my own. Just a little way in, I knew that the thing I wanted to do in life was to become a music teacher to provide those with the desire to learn music an opportunity to do so. I used to play the guitar until I got a piano from a friend. I got the piano in exchange for a brand new jacket of mine that he borrowed but never returned. I was so in love with the piano that I missed three days of classes, just so I could stay home and learn to play it.

I was also passionate about electrical engineering. In high school, I had invented an earthquake alarm which could be used as a safety alarm. I even got a scholarship at Ugyen Academy after a teacher sent a recommendation for me because of my creation, although I wasn’t particularly good in studies. Being good in creative fields can have good potential in life. After high school, I was in a dilemma- music or engineering? When I decided to choose my passion, people were ready to be critics. They said music had no scope and that I was making a mistake. But my parents were fine with whatever decision I took. Additionally, I knew that music was my calling in life. Somewhere along the journey of trying to decide, I met someone who used to teach music in Druk school and also gave tutorials. I reveled in the idea of being able to make a living out of one’s passion. And thus I set my mind on becoming a music teacher someday.

I went to India to study music. I had to practice 9 hours a day just to catch up with my peers. It was difficult but I knew it was going to be worth it. I came back to the country in 2017 and without wasting any more time, opened my own music tutorial classes. I invested what I had, which was not much. To be a music teacher at Druk school was something I had always wanted. So when Drona and Sonam Wangchen, who were shooting the music video for “Hey Beautiful” at Druk school recommended me to the school Principal, I was beyond thrilled to receive a job offer from the school. I am now working at one of the schools I always wanted to work at. Dreams do come true- I am a testimony to that.

It’s amazing how life presents you with opportunities despite all the obstacles when you are determined to follow your passion. One such opportunity came to me right after I was done performing in a show. The popular band ‘Misty Terrace’ contacted me and asked me to join their New Year’s eve show in 2014. Soon after, they welcomed me as a part of their band. When everyone failed to see any scope in music, I saw possibilities. Nothing in life is easy so why not take risks and run after what we truly want? With pure intentions and constant enthusiasm for something you love, life will get gratifying. Yield to the temptations and the opportunities that fall your way, they may not pass again.”


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