“I was born and raised in Thimphu. My parents were in the army. After class 8, I dropped out to get married. My husband was also in the army & I became a housewife. However, it was not what I wanted with my life. I wanted to work & do something on my own. My cousin was the owner of a famous salon in Thimphu. He encouraged me to learn the work of a beautician & work with him. My husband discouraged me because I just had our first child. He wanted me to care for the baby. However, I was adamant to work & there was a way forward. My mother came to our aid. She took care of the baby & I went to work. In the initial days, I assisted & helped my cousin. He was teaching all the work to ready me for my own business. After a year, he pushed me to start my own salon.

Now, my husband started to support me and he helped to manage household chores. He also took out a loan for me. Since then, I haven’t stopped working. It’s been 20 years now, & I’ve 3 kids. Thanks to my own parents, all my kids had their best childhood days. The middle one still lives with them. Working in a salon for long hours & without the support of a family is hard especially for women.

My work often feels like it’s changing people’s lives. Even if it’s just a smile I can put on the faces of women, I come off satisfied and happy.

In my 20 years career, I’ve served customers from all across Bhutan. The most memorable were a group of women from Laya. They had come to the capital for their cordycep auction, and on their return, wanted to straighten their hair. It was all of their first time in a salon & after their session, they gave me the most memorable reactions. Beauty and makeover truly lifts the confidence, especially for women. I believe that everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds, deserves to look their best.”

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