“His name was Tiger. I’d feed him every day & he’d follow me wherever I go. Despite my best efforts to save him, he still died due to paralysis. When I moved my store to a new place, 15 or so stray dogs welcomed me. I started feeding them & met Browni there. He’d throw himself on me whenever we met. When he started getting sick & losing hair, I could medicate & nurse him back to health.
Another one, Pokey, gave birth to 6 puppies in my shop. Happy, I adopted them all. But Pokey died too. Doctors said it could be internal bleeding or stroke.
Burying her at Yusuepang, I committed to caring for as many dogs as I can.

I saw a puppy, all frail & weak. At Jangsa, the spaces were full, so I took her to Yusepang where my family has a small cabin & a caretaker. It’s where I started keeping some of my dogs.
Parle-G compared to other biscuits is bad for dogs due to its high sugar content. Instead, I’d buy cartoons of Mary Gold & even receive them as donations from others. Every Sunday morning, I’d feed them Tinfish with rice before leaving for Yusuepang in the afternoons. I’d even buy thali & ask the owners for leftovers. They’d even store the bones for me. Giving & calling their names I believe makes them feel special. I wish only I had a bigger land where I could build a shelter for all of them. Luckily, my parents always supported me.

However, people would warn me against feeding the dogs as it made the place dirty & passerby even threw stones at them. Some owners don’t care for their pet dogs & when I try to intervene & offer to take them, they got defensive & continued to neglect the innocent animal. It’s how I saw some dogs die of illness or get killed by strangers. It’d break my heart every time.
I’ve started collecting donations in kind for a sterilization program.
I share about our work on the IG page & collect used blankets, food, clothes for the dogs. We even put up puppies for adoption. Though not bred, they’re still cute & some people adopt them.
Half of my income from the store goes into caring for my dogs but I’m happy whatsoever. Unlike humans, dogs hardly forget our love & they always express gratitude.”
Picture (with Tiger) by Junction Bookstore.
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