“I was sent to Thimphu as a babysitter at age 6. My family was poor and I was the eldest. I was too young to know how to properly care for a baby but in a few years, I learned to even do chores for the family. While bringing me, they had promised to educate and help me with my census but they never yielded to their words. By the time I was 15, I had changed several households as a babysitter. The job always demanded me to act as a maid too.

One day, I was walking outside when 3 men started groping me and asked me to go with them. I was only 15 and terrified. I tried to fight them off but two of them held me and the third man started stabbing me. They ran away afterward, leaving me to die. Thankfully I didn’t. But when I recovered, people started talking about me. They said that I wasn’t good enough to marry or work because of my injuries. I knew that I was done working as a babysitter and wanted a real job that paid. So I got a parking fee collector job through a relative. Soon after, I met a man and got married. I started my job in an area that saw less movement and was safer. 

All the surgeries meant I could never have a normal birth. My first child was delivered via c-section. My husband soon started resenting me and left us. My baby and I were all alone. Sometimes, I would keep her in a carton box near the road while running after cars to collect the parking fees. Some people showed sympathy and gave me extra money for the baby. I struggled for many years trying to survive and also raise a child on my own. I was only paid Nu.2000 a month and exposed to being asked for sex by men who saw that I was single and vulnerable. I hope my kid never has to suffer this way. I want to keep her with me and educate her the best I can. 

I remarried in 2020. My daughter is in school now and I have another baby who was delivered via c-section too; it was the complication of the stabbing injury. This time, my daughter and husband were there for me while I was recovering. I want my daughter to work hard at school. I hope my kids have a better life than their mother did. 

It has been years since the stabbing and surgeries and my body still aches every time I move.”

Humans of Thimphu with RENEW celebrates the women who are the heroes of their own stories and women who face difficult trials and tribulations in life. #SheDecides and no one can stop her!
Day 1 to countdown for International women’s Day.

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