“The one year I have had after graduation has been an amazing one. Starting from the struggles to reintegrate back into society, to unemployment issues, to having mental breakdowns and loads of other things have helped me grow. As a person, and as a human being. The prerequisite for an ideal youth according to our society is employment that is so scarce. I was well aware about the scarcity of opportunities which discouraged me to look for jobs that affected me mentally. My parents were super supportive letting me do things at my pace.
After I realized I couldn’t (didn’t want to) land a job soon, I had to become proactive (for my sake and for my mental health). Extremely happy I got involved with numerous voluntary activities, networked with awesome people (very grateful to each and everyone of them), and lived life vicariously.
The only advice I have is to not stay still. We are often misguided by the phrase ‘Go with the flow’. We shouldn’t go with the flow cause only dead fishes go with the flow. We are all alive, living, breathing, and producing carbon dioxide (contributing to global warming :3 ) so let’s take charge of our life. Let’s make this world a better, a more fun and kinder place.”


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