Dorji Gyeltshen


I grew up in a household that was often dysfunctional and hostile. The turmoil of the environment made me fall into a pattern that manifested in damaging consequences. A child’s mind is a slate and the things written on it lie in the hands of the immediate caregivers. My parents weren’t rich but they worked hard to provide education. My schooling wasn’t great either. I was constantly a victim of bullying. I became so terrified of my bullies that I used to take a different route home through a forest just to avoid them. Later, I decided to take a stand against my bully and hit him back. Instead of seeking professional help, I took the matters into my own hands and created the AnB Gang in 2009. ‘The Journalist’ covered our story and no sooner did it get published, I was arrested for the formation of a violent organization which had by then spread to almost 15 districts in the country with about 4000 members. After several talks with the police, it got banned in 2017. An act of defence against school bullies turned into a series of violent events later on. This clearly shows the impact someone’s words and actions have on a child’s mind.

Academically I was always doing well. But my anger issues landed me in a lot of trouble. I once stabbed a drunk student who punched me and then ran away. I still think about it with great remorse. In Gelephug, another boy tried to stab me but instead, I stabbed him back. I was then arrested and taken to Punakha with double charges. My father came to get me but he too got locked up with me for 3 days, charged with hiding a criminal. The shame and pain I caused him that day still break my heart.

After joining Sherubtse College, I got sent to rehab for a month due to misconduct. They gave me a second chance instead of terminating me to which I’m ever grateful. Under the guidance of the teachers, especially of the DSA, I tried to change. I met my future wife there, who made me into a better man. With her support, I took the RCSE exam and got through. I now work as a T.P at Babesa high school as teaching is my passion. I want to bring changes in individuals, the way my teachers did.

The immediate environment in which a child grows up contributes to how the child turns out as an adult. It shows up in the form of choices they make and the actions they perform. No matter the obstacles, I advise students to never give up studying. Addiction of any sort will only lead to one of the 3 places; rehab, prison or the cremation ground. We only get one life so make the most of it. I am now a father of two and living a happy life.”

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