“When I was studying in Switzerland, I was introduced to different varieties of beer from Europe and the culture around them. Diving deeper, I realized that there was more to beer than we were aware of in Bhutan. This inspired me to open a beer factory in the country as opposed to the usual tourism business. In Europe, beer is very strongly tied to the community and most beers are produced by small breweries with a strong support from the community. Almost all ingredients are locally sourced and the locals take huge pride in their beers. This sense of bonding and community inspired me to do something similar here at home. At our brewery, we try to use all local ingredients for our beer. However there is still a lot of research and development that needs to be done before we can truly make a 100% authentic Bhutanese beer. This is why I named my beer brand Bhutanese- to constantly remind me of my goal to brew a truly unique and purely Bhutanese beer.

As in all businesses, there are upsetting circumstances. In the past we had frequent breakdowns in the brewery and no one could figure out the source of the problem. It was very hard to get a specialist or even spare parts and we had to drain out a lot of beer because of this. This however made me focus more on the maintenance and now we try our best to keep everything running smoothly with minimum down time.

I have a diploma in hospitality and a degree in hospitality entrepreneurship from Les Roches International school of hospitality in Switzerland. After graduating I worked for my family business for five years and helped set up our hotel in Thimphu. After that I did some events with my friends to understand the working of organizing events which helped me during the launch of my beer. I am lucky to come from a family of entrepreneurs as they have shown constant support for my business from day one.

The happiest moment of mine was when we won the “Best brewery and beer in Bhutan” award in 2019 by ratebeer. Another would be meeting some of the biggest names in the craft beer industry who we have also collaborated with.
Other than that, I would say, was becoming a father. Actually, this tops my list.

Time is the only currency that matters. It’s okay to fail sometimes. I initially wasted a lot of money on trying to find the right beer for me to brew but eventually the time spent on it was worth it as I learned a lot. The one thing that I regret in life is the time I put work before family and drank more beer than I should have. Fortunately, I have been able to get through that now. Money can be earned back but time once gone is gone forever.”


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