“I have been living in Thimphu for 21 years now. There have been a lot of things that I learned through the years and even more that I want to learn. I am a recent graduate. I am waiting for my results for the Civil Service preliminary examinations and in the meantime have been helping my parents with business.

Helping my mother with business has given me a lot of time to spend with her and my family. Once we enter the real life out there, we won’t get much time to spend with our family so I feel lucky as I get to spend time with them right now. In life I feel so lucky to have the people that are with me right now. My family and the group of friends I have are always there for me. They inspire me and make everyday beautiful and this gives me a reason to better myself at everything I do. I hope to be able to give back for whatever they have given me in this life.

Helping my mother with her business has given me some idea about how the business world works and if I don’t get a government job, I would like to explore the many options available in the business and private sectors. As business jobs are usually better in terms of earning, I would like to start a business of my own in case my Plan A falls through. Either that or go for a Master’s Degree.

College is one really important stage of life. For me, going to college was the first time away from my parents and having to do everything on my own. I learnt a lot of things in college like managing time and money and being by myself. It was the perfect learning stage and there are a lot of good memories that I have, sad ones and crazy ones too. Sometimes academic pressure made me cry and college was tough overall but I learnt many lessons and with these lessons learned, I am ready to enter a new stage of life.

Most graduates feel lost and rushed to find a place for ourselves, I am in a similar situation. We feel the need to find jobs and get settled in life but have no idea how to do that. However, I think that there is still a lot of time to discover, explore and learn about ourselves. At some point of this journey, we will reach a stage where we will be able to stand on our own two feet. I feel that there is a perfect time for each of us when we will reach the place we want to be. There are alot of opportunities ahead of you. Back in the days it wasn’t enough to survive working in the photography,music or the entertainment industry but times have changed and now it’s possible to earn a living by following your dream. So, doing the Civil service examinations (PE and RCSE) and getting a job is not the only option. We have to look beyond, create opportunities and try out everything that comes our way.”


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