“My late husband, Robin, was a charming, happy, and memorable man. We met for the first time when I started school at YHSS. I was in class 7 at the time. After he passed away, I had to do everything by myself. It was difficult to take care of everything and do all the work without a partner. I helped my in-laws with their fruit shop at the Centenary Farmers Market for over twenty years. This means that I had to help unload the fruits and do a lot of manual work. Sometimes the trucks would arrive late and I had to go unload it, rain or sun, day or night, along with just one helper. These were the times I missed him the most because he used to help out a lot when he was still around. Other than that, I am blessed to have family around me who care for me and give me company. Both my family and his are there for me so I do not feel that lonely.

I have so many good memories of him. It is difficult to pick a favourite but here is one. We used to go to Siliguri to get fresh fruits for the shop every week. He had a fridge van which we used to drive in. It was always like a mini road trip. Sometimes we would get stuck on the way due to roadblocks and many a times we spent the night on the way. We also took detours to Gelephu and came the long way sometimes. Those trips with him are some of my most favourite memories. One could find joy even in adversities simply because I was with him. Another set of good memories I have of him are of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Whenever this time of year rolled around, he would take me bar-hopping to his favourite bars around Thimphu city. All our friends would gather, talk, drink and sing to the tune of his guitar. It was always so much fun. He was a jolly man and everyone loved him. At midnight on new year’s eve, everyone would hug one another and then head home.

We got married ten years after we met. He kept on asking me to marry him, saying that he wanted me to be his wife and help him take care of his parents. Sometimes now I think that he wanted to get married so much because he was destined to leave so soon. After he died, I only had one dream- I wanted to support our son to graduate college. He graduated this October and I am very happy. I run a small shop in the heart of the city and help take care of my mother-in-law. My-father-in law, too, passed away last year so now it is just me and her. We keep each other company.

It has been 33 years since I first met him and 9 years since he passed away but whenever Christmas and New Year’s eve comes around, I find myself recalling these beautiful memories of him. Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to feel the extent of time that has passed. I am grateful for family and friends who have been there for me this whole time. But I do miss him a lot.”


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