“I was born and brought up in Paro. As the eldest of 6 siblings, I struggled quite a bit when I was young. Whenever my parents fought, I had to take my baby children outside to avoid the fighting. We all had to mature quickly. Because of my parent’s divorce, my academics were poor in class 11 and 12 despite doing well in class 10.

Once my father left, it was very difficult for me, and I’ve had migraines since then. My mother had to watch all of us on her own. She would do all the work on our farm and in the house on her own. We also used to have a small store that sold rice and vegetables. We siblings would try to help, but as we left for boarding school, our mother was left to work alone.

My mother never asked us to stay and help. She placed a lot of importance on our education, and would always try to make enough money to pay for what was needed. Every time we went shopping for boarding school, she would make sure we had everything we needed. Back then, I was worried that my younger siblings wouldn’t qualify, but luckily we all went to government schools.

I became a teacher in 2016, and have been teaching physics and maths in Trashiyangtse. I never expected to be a teacher, but I really enjoy my job. I wasn’t worried about the distance from home, I was just happy to have a steady salary and a job. I can save up now and help my family. Since my sister is also working, we split the bills when necessary. My brother is in nursing school in India, so we help with his allowance and we plan on paying for 2 more years of his education.

Since I was young, I understood that parents’ problems affect their children greatly, and impact how they turn out in the future as well. I was lucky that my siblings were so young because they didn’t understand what was happening with our parents. Even now, getting in arguments affects me greatly. As a young parent, I try not to have fights in front of my daughter.”

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