“School has had to be the most boring time of our lives, but ironically, also equally fun. When I look back at my old class photographs I recall the ball of amusement and fun we had. The ball rolled downhill just too quickly, and that’s what saddens a part of us. When I was in class 10, I was one of the most naughty students in school. I would argue with teachers and was kicked out of class numerous times. I also had to kneel on sharp-edged pebbles all throughout class hours because of my bad behavior. But all those punishments failed to change me. I always got the worst grades in SUPW. Naturally, the school was thrilled when I told them I wanted to change schools after class 10. They immediately handed over my transfer certificate.

With a new school and a new environment, I decided to change myself for the better. I started working hard and improved a lot in terms of studies and overall as a person. From then onwards, I worked hard. After my 12th exam, I got the opportunity to pursue a degree in mathematics. Three years passed within the blink of an eye. And right after we graduated, I got the amazing opportunity to pursue masters in applied mathematics. We had to do exams and I managed to get through. Due to COVID, I couldn’t go so I had to study online for a while. Once the situation started getting better, I was permitted to travel. Now I am in the final year of my masters. The place here is different from what I am used to but I like it anyway. I didn’t have any sort of ambition but now as I am growing and learning more, I have a keen interest in Cybersecurity and hope to work in a related field.

Another thing I am interested in is games and sports. I play almost all the sports available in our country. I would rather be a jack of all trades than be a master of one. I believe people with this type of nature have the ability to learn new things real quick and can adapt to situations easily. I strongly believe that anyone can do anything with the right dedication, determination, and hard work.”

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