“I’ve acted in 13 movies so far but I didn’t always dream of acting. I stumbled upon it by chance. When I was younger, my family moved a lot. My father was a teacher- we lived in the east, the south, central Bhutan and even once in Darjeeling. I was good at studies and wanted to become a doctor. By the time I got to high school, however, I’d gotten more interested in cultural programs and had lost touch with studies. So I had a lot of contemplation to do before college. I almost went to study law but unable to make up my mind, took a gap year instead. At the end of that year, I enrolled into a Bachelor of Arts program.

It was after my degree while I was attending the Graduates’ Orientation Program that I got a call from my aku about a role in a movie. His friend was looking for a new face. I met the director. He said I’d be perfect for the role of a supporting actress. I was very nervous and told him that I was new to acting. I didn’t want him to get his hopes up, unsure of my capabilities. He insisted that it would be okay and got me to agree. That was my first movie – Samsara. The doubts did not end there. Even as we were filming, I felt scared. There, my co-actors encouraged me and made me feel comfortable. When the movie came out, the audience loved my performance. That gave me the confidence-boost that I needed. I was offered many other supporting actress roles following that, until I was offered a lead role. Playing the lead allowed others to see my potential. By that point in my career, I started enjoying work thoroughly.

I’ve been in the film industry for 6 years now. Perhaps if I’d studied more, I’d have become a doctor but I love what I do now. Being able to meet different people, and go to different places is enhancing. It’s nice to see young people following the film industry and its happenings. I’m positive that the youth will take forward our cultural values.

My career will come to a plateau one day with age and new talents. At the time, I’d love to travel outside the country and enjoy life from a different light. For now, I love this exciting journey that I’m on.”

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