“I did my teaching practice in Paro and then got placed at a school in Samtse. The students there mostly communicated in Lhotsamkha while I was unable to. Everything was difficult, especially the Parent-Teacher meetings because of the language barrier. But I got through them with the help of my colleagues.

During a vacation, I traveled north to do an interview for the position of Flight Attendant for an International airline. I had not intended to do it at first but things took their own turn. 6 months later, I was notified that I got the job. I gave my three months’ notice at my teaching job, after which I went to the Flight Attendant training. There was another Bhutanese along with me during the training. We were shorter than the rest of the trainees, although fulfilled the minimum requirement which was to be healthy and physically strong.

The job was adventurous. We got to travel to countless countries. During the flights, I often experienced culture shock as there were diverse people from around the world. One time, a passenger from Israel asked me when the time to pray was and as I didn’t know how to respond I simply said he could pray anytime. Another incident was when I asked a man sitting next to a woman if he could wake her up for the meal and he told me he couldn’t touch a woman in his culture. I learned a lot about the diversities and cultures of the people I traveled with.

Being a Flight Attendant meant that even during the pandemic we would have to keep traveling to help deliver vaccines. We often exposed ourselves to the risk of falling ill. In a way, flight attendants also became front-line workers.

I did enjoy traveling to places but at times the 16 to 44-hour shifts were very difficult. My sleep patterns were all over the place. But now, I am certainly enjoying my ground time in Bhutan.”

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