“I’ve seen a fair share of bad times. And similar to other stories of struggle, I’ve taken lessons from it. My father was admitted to the hospital for almost 6 years. When his diagnosis was first made, we had lost all hope, especially him. He had a failing kidney and had to be at the hospital all the time. But the doctors and nurses who tended to him were kind. They did not give up on him. They took care of him and gave him hope that he did not have. Their tireless efforts had him on his feet again. He could walk and eat properly. He did eventually pass away, but they had given him the world and time with his family for 6 more years.

The ways in which the doctors and nurses cared for my father inspired me to do good by others. My father was just a patient to them, but they gave him everything. It taught me that being kind doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It can be the smallest of things that can leave a mark. In my own capacity as a young girl, I started doing things to help others. Once, me and my sister helped an old couple in my village with potato plantation and carrying of fodder. With all their kids settled in urban areas, they had no one to help them. In their mid-80’s they had trouble doing such tasks. I know we couldn’t change their daily struggles by helping them with small tasks as such, but I like to believe it made a difference.

Tough events in my personal life have helped me grow as a person. But the most important lesson I take from it is that it is difficult to be alone in this world. And that is why we must help each other with what we can. Everyone deserves kindness- human or otherwise. The smallest act of kindness could change someone’s life.”

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