Dawa Tshering

“In 2018, the doctors ruled out any abnormalities in my son. But 4 years later he still hasn’t talked and needed full-time care. To learn about his condition, we even tried reaching out to the NGOs. A lama told me that my son was struck by a drib. He was born prematurely too and contracted jaundice soon after. He could never learn to stand or play like other children. Then, he was referred to Thimphu and we were convinced that something was wrong with him. During a checkup, he was finally diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. As a parent, I feel sad seeing other children leading normal life. My son’s only source of help is his parents. We can’t even leave him with others as he’d be a burden to them. So, we’d bring him along wherever we go.

The expenditure to care for him does go beyond what my regular job could provide. Since most of the time I’m on the field, spending time with him is hard. We didn’t hope for much in life but reading similar stories about other children like him and their caregivers made us feel better. Still, my greatest worry is taking him to school and making him feel comfortable in the crowd. Although both of my kids get along well, my wife has a lot of pressure to take care of them. I’d worry that she might fall into depression. Often, I’d go to the office without getting noticed, if not he’d cry seeing me leave.

Since the doctors seem to be unsure of the condition, I try to stick to the religious side. The lamas said he’d be cured within 5-7 years, but I am still unsure of this. The hospital is 17km away and we could only take him once a month. At the physiotherapist, he’s made to exercise.
When he was born, it was the happiest day of my life. Compared to when he was small, he has been getting better and I hope in the future he is completely cured.”

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